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Vision for the Future

In 2004, ACVP launched a comprehensive fundraising initiative designed to assure continued leadership by veterinary pathologists in global health. Advancing our profession through supporting faculty, recruiting the best and brightest students, and continuing to strengthen training programs will keep veterinary pathology as a key partner in the biomedical community.

Enabling the Future Vision

The far-reaching strategic goals (PDF) of developing veterinary pathologists for the future, identifying innovative ways to meet future demands, and developing partnerships need more funding than the operational budget can provide. To be innovative, ACVP needs charitable support to help it enhance and achieve its purpose. The funds and awards held by the ACVP support extern scholarships, student chapter travel awards, tuition awards and travel awards for residents and graduate students. 

Funds Awards
The Research and Education Endowment Fund Student Chapter Travel Awards
The General Scholarship Fund Graduate Student/Resident Travel Awards
Harold W. Casey Scholarship Fund  
William Inskeep II Scholarship Fund  
Externship Scholarship Fund  
Wendy Coe Memorial Scholarship Fund  

Contributions to the ACVP

Contributions from individuals remain strong and are important to supporting the key strategies for the ACVP’s future. Gifts of any size are accepted at any time. By contributing to the ACVP, donors encourage the next generation to explore and appreciate the unique role that veterinary pathology plays in advancement of the health and welfare of animals and people.

Donors are recognized on the ACVP website, in the newsletter, in the Veterinary Pathology journal, and at the Annual Meeting. See the Annual Donor Recognition Options.

Current Lists of Individual Donors and Legacy Society Members

2015 Patron Donors

2015 Legacy Society Members

Claire Andreasen
Talmage Brown
Michael CarakostasGary and Cindy Cockerell
David Dodd
W.J. Hadlow
R. Keith Harris
Michael Lairmore
James B. Moe
Ricardo Ochoa
D. Reid Patterson
Anne Ryan
John Shadduck
Michael J. and Kimberly Topper

Corporate Donations 

The ACVP gratefully acknowledges support from it’s 2015 Corporate Partners.