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Emeritus Information

ACVP members who have retired may request the ACVP Council to grant them emeritus membership. To make this request, email the ACVP Executive Office and provide your name, year of retirement, and request for emeritus membership.

The Constitution of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists defines five types of members. It stipulates that an emeritus member is any member who has retired from the practice or teaching of veterinary pathology. Emeritus members shall be exempt from the payment of dues but shall have all privileges of members, except the right to hold office. Emeritus members may continue to receive Veterinary Pathology at the rate provided for members (currently $55.00 US). Emeritus membership is voted upon and granted by Council at the request of regular members desiring to change their membership status.

Emeritus membership is intended to give our retired members a financial break yet keep them on the membership rolls and potentially active in College affairs. We have many senior members with broad collective experiences that could benefit the development of the College. Continued interaction could provide the opportunity to tap this experience at the same time providing opportunity for interested members to contribute their expertise and remain involved. We recognize that many want to pursue alternate nonscientific activities but remain in touch with College news and colleagues. Emeritus members may engage at the level of their interest.

Council interprets emeritus membership to be appropriate for members who have retired from the practice of pathology and are no longer earning a living, performing the tasks or receiving compensation for pathology-related activities. In the modern world, retirement may have many varied meanings. An individual may retire from a career in one institution and work in another or continue to consult. Council does not consider such individuals to be retired for the purposes of emeritus membership.

If you have any questions about emeritus membership, please contact the ACVP Executive Office.