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American College of Veterinary Pathologists
2424 American Lane
Madison, WI 53704

Telephone: +1-608-443-2466
Fax: +1-608-443-2474


Committee Information

Guidance for ACVP Committees and Task Forces (PDF)
2012 Committee Strategic Charges
2013 Committee Liasions (PDF)

Office of the Executive Director
Wendy Coe, Executive Director
American College of Veterinary Pathologists
2424 American Lane
Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 608-443-2466, ext. 149

Office of the Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Michael J. Topper
Merck & Co, Inc
PO Box 4
West Point, PA 19486-0004
Work Phone: (215) 652-0803
Fax: (215) 993-7648

Officers and Councilors of the College
President:Dr. Maxey L. Wellman
President Elect: Dr. Cory Brayton
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Michael J. Topper
Immediate Past President: Dr. Claire B. Andreasen
Councilors: Drs. R. Mark Simpson, David Malarkey, Anne Barger, Krista La Perle

Committees of The College
Awards: Dr. Kelli Boyd

Casey Award: Dr. Amy Durham
Extern Scholarship Award: Dr. Amy MacNeill
Inskeep Award: Dr. Glenn Cantor
Graduate Student/Resident Travel Awards: Dr. Glenn Cantor
Student Chapter Travel Awards: Dr. Catherine Lamm
Student Poster Awards: Dr. Catherine Lamm
Young Investigator Awards: Dr. Lauri Diehl
ASIP/ICPI Travel Award: Dr. Elizabeth Whitley

Credentialing: Dr. Todd Johnson
Corporate Partners: Dr. Mark Evans
Development: Dr. Anne Ryan
Domestic Alliances: Dr. Srinivas Rao
Editor-In-Chief: Dr. Carl Alden
Examination: Dr. Karen Terio
Government Policy: Dr. Gary Coleman
International Alliances: Dr. Derek Mosier
Intersociety Pathology: Dr. Elizabeth Galbreath
Life Long Learning: Dr. Linden Craig
Maintenance of Certification: Dr. Mandy Fales-Williams
Member Relations: Dr. Kristin Henson
Nominations: Dr. Claire Andreasen
Non-traditional Fundraising: Dr. Paige Carmichael
Pathology Chair: Dr. Keith Harris
Student Chapters: Dr. Catherine Lamm
Training Program: Dr. Leslie Sharkey
VCS-ACVP Oncology Pathology Working Group: Dr. Debra Kamstock
Website, Newsletter and Social Media:
Dr. Aaron Sargeant

Annual Meeting - 2013
Education Chair: Dr. Jim Rottman
Program Chair: Dr. Ken Frazier
Focused Scientific Session Coordinator: Dr. Shelley Newman
Focused Scientific Session Co-coordinator: Dr. Lauri Diehl

Dr. Kaori Sakamoto, Newsletter Editor

Representatives of The College
AVMA American Board Of Veterinary Specialties:
Dr. Gary Coleman