2016 ACVP and ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting

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Enjoy photos from the 2016 Annual Meeting in New Orleans!

If you had the opportunity, thank you for attending the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) and American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP) 2016 Concurrent Annual Meeting! This meeting was held December 3-7, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Mark your calendars for the 2017 Annual Meeting in Vancouver on November 4-8!



Community Service


Committee Meetings

Concurrent Events

Continuing Education Credits

Corporate Partners

Exhibitor Information

Focused Scientific Sessions

Poster Presentations

Pre- and Post-Meeting Workshops



Education Committee

Program Chair: Alicia Olivier, DVM, PhD*
Education Committee Chair: David Meyerholz, DVM, PhD*
ASVCP Program Chair: Laura Snyder, DVM*
Exhibits Liaison: Krista LaPerle, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Chair: Lauri Diehl, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair: Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*
Abstract Awards Chair: Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*
Special Liaison in Charge of the Emerging Disease Session: Francisco Uzal, DVM, PhD*
ACVP Council Liaison: Krista LaPerle, DVM, PhD*
Past Program Chair: Kelli Boyd, DVM, PhD*
    Erica Behling-Kelley, DVM, PhD*
    Wayne Dochterman, DVM*
    Kristi Helke, DVM, PhD*
    Mac Law, DVM, PhD*

Education Committee Advisory Group

Corporate Partners Liaison: Mark Evans, DVM, PhD*
IEPC Liaison: Tim LaBranche, DVM, PhD*
STP: Kevin McDorman, DVM, PhD*
Website, Newsletter, and Social Media: Jessica Grieves, DVM*

Education Committee Special Interest Groups

ACVP/STP Coalition: Gary Cockerell, DVM, PhD*
C.L. Davis Foundation: Bruce Williams, DVM*
ITPIG Liaison: Kendall Frazier, DVM, PhD*
Mouse Pathology Consortium: Piper Treuting, DVM* and Kelli Boyd, DVM, PhD*
Primate Pathology Workshop: J. Mark Cline, DVM, PhD*

ASVCP Program Committee

Laura Snyder, DVM*, Chair
Cindy E. Fishman, VMD, PhD*
Bruce E. LeRoy, DVM, PhD*
Janelle Renschler, DVM PhD*
Lynne T. Shanahan, BSMT
Lindsay Tomlinson, DVM, DVSc*

Focused Scientific Groups

Focused Scientific Group Chair
Lauri J. Diehl, DVM, PhD*

Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair and Awards Chair
Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*

Clinical Pathology
Lindsay Tomlinson, DVM, DVSc* (Chair)
Erica Behling-Kelly, DVM, PhD*
Sara L. Connolly, DVM, MS*
Niraj K. Tripathi, DVM*
Catherine Wagg, DVM*
Valerie M. Wong, DVM, MVetSc*

Diagnostic Pathology
David S. Rotstein, DVM, MPVM* (Chair)
Eric Burrough, DVM, PhD*
Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann, DVM, PhD*
Laura Kennedy, DVM*
Fabiano Oliveira, DVM, MS*
Stephen A. Raverty, DVM, PhD* (Past Chair)
David S. Rotstein, DVM, MPVM* (Co-Chair)
Heindrich Snyman, DVM*

K. Paige Carmichael, DVM, PhD* (Chair)
Linden E. Craig, DVM, PhD* (Past Chair)
Melinda Camus, DVM*
Melissa D. Sanchez, VMD, PhD*
Mee-Ja Sula, DVM*
Arnaud J. Van Wettere, DVM, PhD*

Experimental Disease
Laura Janke, DVM, PhD* (Chair)
Hibret Adissu, DVM, PhD*
Laura Baseler, DVM, PhD* (Co-Chair)
Oded Foreman, DVM*
Mihai Gagea, DVM, DVSc*
Sanjeev Gumber, DVM*
Sebastien Monette, DVM, MVSc* (Past Chair)
Stephanie Montgomery, DVM, PhD*

Industrial and Toxicologic Pathology
Torrie A. Crabbs, DVM* (Co-Chair)
Gary Cain, DVM, PhD*
Daniela Ennulat, DVM, PhD* (Past Chair)
Kris Heilke, DVM, PhD*
Curtis Colleton, DVM*
Kristi Helke, DVM, PhD*
Robert Johnson, DVM, PhD*
Katherine A. Knostman, DVM, PhD*
Janardhan Kyathanahalli, BVSc, PhD*
Gopinath S. Palaisamy, MVSc, PhD* (Co-Chair)

Natural Disease
Gary Haldorson, DVM, PhD* (Chair)
Julie Engiles, DVM, PhD*
Andrew Miller, DVM* (Past Chair)
Angela Pillatzki, DVM*
Daniel R. Rissi, DVM, PhD*
Francisco A. Uzal, DVM, PhD* (Co-Chair)

*ACVP Diplomate


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