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American College of Veterinary Pathologists
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Member Information

Only board-certified veterinary pathologists are members of ACVP. Veterinarians who successfully complete the certifying examination are accepted into the organization as diplomates. A list of diplomates is maintained by the Executive Office for guidance of institutions and the general public and is included in the Annual Directory of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Currently, there are approximately 1400 active members and 140 Emeritus members.

Benefits Of Renewing Your Dues

  • Worldwide recognition of expertise in veterinary pathology.
  • Competitive advantage for job opportunities.
  • Enhanced ability to influence the direction of the specialty of veterinary pathology.
  • Subscription to the journal Veterinary Pathology including the online version.
  • Reduced registration fees for College educational programs.
  • ACVP Membership Directory The membership directory includes the constitution and bylaws of the College and lists of its current officers, organizational structure and College's committees and their members.
  • ACVP Newsletter Published quarterly, the ACVP Newsletter offers members up-to-date information on special events, upcoming meetings and College issues.
  • Voting privileges and other participation in the College's governance Members participate in and be eligible for election for College officers and committees governing the ACVP, and participate in the annual business meeting.

Membership Types

Member in Good Standing
A Member who has paid dues for the current year is a member in good standing and is eligible for all benefits of membership.

Any member who has retired from the practice or teaching of veterinary pathology may be designated an Emeritus Member by the Council, at the member's request. Emeritus Members have all privileges of membership, except the right to hold office, and are exempt from dues payment. Emeritus members are not charged for access to the online version of Veterinary Pathology but may choose to pay $55.00 for the printed version.

A nonmember who has contributed in an extraordinary manner to the advancement of veterinary pathology may be elected to Honorary Membership by a majority vote of the Council, and confirmed by a majority vote of the membership of the College. Honorary members have all privileges of membership except the right to vote or hold office, and are exempt from dues payment.

A Diplomate of the College who has rendered exceptionally distinguished service to the College or who has contributed in an exemplary manner to veterinary pathology may be selected by majority vote of the Council to be a Distinguished Member. A person so honored shall have all the rights and privileges of membership.