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Early View Newsletter Article

From the President
Claire Andreasen, DVM, PhD
2012 ACVP President

The 2012-2017 ACVP Strategic Plan offers a roadmap of key issues to address during the next five years to remain a progressive and forward-looking organization that serves the needs of its members, especially during times of substantial change. The 2012-2017 ACVP Strategic Plan will be dynamic and responsive to ongoing change and will focus on activities and initiatives that will enable current and future members to fulfill their roles as veterinary pathologists and continue to advance the mission, vision, and objectives of the profession.

This will require dedicated leadership and active involvement from our members. The certifying examination, annual meeting and scientific program, and publishing of Veterinary Pathology have continued since their initiation to form the core activities of the College. A critical purpose of the ACVP is to provide benefit and value to help its members fulfill their professional roles, remain current, and meet the needs of society. Alignment to the Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives is essential to accomplishing our mission. To that end, the committees of the College have been restructured and are already reviewing new charges for 2012 and making significant progress.

Strategic areas include:

  1. Certifying Examination
  2. Life-long learning
  3. Training programs
  4. Partnerships
  5. Communications

The Strategic goals are:

  1. Uphold the high standards of veterinary pathology by advancing ACVP certification as the premier credential in the field of veterinary pathology.
  2. Support and create opportunities for life-long learning.
  3. Assist training programs to enhance professional development of trainers and mentors, and provide guidance for board eligibility of trainees.
  4. Foster domestic and international strategic partnerships.
  5. Enhance communications to engage membership and to improve visibility and impact of the College and veterinary pathology.

While the focus is on long-standing core goals, we already have the formulation of new ways to approach and accomplish these goals, the examination of integrating and leveraging knowledge dissemination, new technology, and common areas that intersect. We will soon place the 2012 Committee Charges and Strategic Plan on the website. I greatly appreciate Council and all the contributing members who have set the foundation for future success.

This article will be printed in the June 2012 ACVP Newsletter.