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Early View Newsletter Article

Maintenance of Certification
Mandy Fales-Williams, DVM, PhD

Greetings from the Maintenance of Certification Development Committee (MOCDC). This update is to remind the ACVP membership of a new requirement for all Recognized Veterinary Specialty Organizations of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). AVMA specialty colleges are now required to issue time-limited certificates beginning with new diplomates certified in 2016 and thereafter. The MOCDC's objective is to create an effective and acceptable Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program that meets the requirements of the AVMA and efficiently facilitates maintenance of ACVP certification for ACVP Diplomates with time-stamped certificates. The program will be open on a voluntary basis for any existing ACVP Diplomates who wish to participate. An exam is not being considered for recertification.

  1. ACVP will begin issuing time-stamped certificates as of 2016.
  2. Renewal of certification will be required after 10 years (thus, the first cohort will need to renew in 2026). Renewal will be contingent on providing documentation of sufficient learning activities during that 10-year cycle. The MOCDC anticipates the program will be similar to those programs already in place within state veterinary licensing boards.
  3. The MOCDC is pursuing a point structure of learning activities, as well as development of an online repository for self-reporting of these activities. This online repository will be available within the ACVP website.
  4. The MOCDC is reviewing existing point structures of other relevant professional specialty organizations that already have MOC programs (including, but not limited to, the European College of Veterinary Pathologists [ECVP], the European College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology [ECVCP], the American Board of Toxicology [ABT], and the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine [ACLAM]) and will formulate a plan that is as fair and simple as possible to recognize learning activities.
  5. The MOCDC seeks to recognize all forms of learning activities required by the diverse pathology-related roles and activities of ACVP Diplomates. To that end, nominations will be solicited from subgroups within ACVP for membership on an Advisory Group to the MOCDC. The role of this Advisory Group will be to review the draft of the MOC plan and provide input such that educational and professional activities for all roles can be recognized. Individuals are welcome to self-nominate or to contact professional Specialty organizations (including, but not limited to, ASVCP, STP, C.L. Davis, AAAP, AAVMC, AAVLD, ASIP) to serve as representatives on this Advisory Group.
  6. Types of learning activities under consideration for recognition include attendance at relevant professional scientific meetings or continuing education workshops, presenting at and/or organizing such meetings or workshops, peer-reviewed manuscript publication, manuscript peer-review or other editorial duties, supervision of residents/graduate students (postgraduate/ university teaching), and service on certain ACVP committees (e.g., Exam Committee). Similar activities for related scientific organizations are also under consideration.

For more information regarding the MOC Policy of the AVMA-ABVS, please review Section B, Article 11 of the 2011 AVMA-ABVS Guidelines for Recognized Veterinary Specialty Organizations.

Please contact Mandy Fales-Williams at +1-515-294-7445 or with any questions regarding this initiative.

MOCDC Members:

  • Mandy Fales-Williams, Iowa State University, Ames (Chair) (Anatomic Pathology)
  • Eric A.G. Blomme, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park (Anatomic Pathology)
  • J. Mark Cline, Wake Forest University Medical Center, Winston-Salem (Anatomic Pathology)
  • Andrea Gröne, Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands (Anatomic Pathology)
  • Robert L. Hall, Covance Laboratories, Madison (Clinical Pathology)
  • Glade Weiser, Loveland (Clinical Pathology)
  • Council Liaison: R. Mark Simpson, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda (Anatomic Pathology)

This article will be printed in the June 2012 ACVP Newsletter.